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Good afternoon. Want to know more about the housing market in Winter Park, Granby and Grand Lake?

Hi my name is Erica Kalkofen and I’m with Your Home Real Estate & Remodeling based in Granby, CO. I do serve the entire area of Grand County, Colorado.

Let me tell you a little bit about our individual major markets in Grand County – that would be Grand Lake starting at the Northern part, Granby in the middle, and then the Winter Park area closer to the Southern border. Well first of all, there’s 239 total active listings currently. Of those, 113 are vacant land opportunities.

In Grand Lake specifically, currently a single-family home is selling for $1,055,000 on average, a condo on average is selling for $323,000 and the percentage of list versus sale price, that’s what we list it for and then what we actually end up closing for in the Grand Lake area is at 104% so that means people are offering over list price and getting it and closing for that. Days on market are about three and a half months. So that gives you some parameters for the Grand Lake area specifically.

Coming down to Granby, which is only about 20 minutes/15 minutes to the south, not even. Single-family homes on average are going for $823,000. Condos on average are going for $262,000. Again the percentage of list to sale price is 103% and days on market is 64 days. So again, right in that 2.5-3 month category.

And then moving down to Winter Park, home of Winter Park Resort, which was named in the top ten list of ski resorts in I think it was the country. Single-family homes there are currently selling for $1.4 million dollars. Condos are going for $456,000. Percent of list to close price is 101% and again we’re looking at 3 months days on market.

So in my view, as your real estate professional, what that tells me is that having your financing in place, being flexible on the type of property that you put an offer on, and making a decision fast will definitely help in getting you to that closing table.

Want to learn more? Give me a call at 970-531-6860. Have a great day! Bye!

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